A brief history

Welcome to Peewee the Pinstriper's website, I'm stuck with a nickname I've had since age 3 and since my early days of pinstriping I have been using it as signature on all my work. I have been Pinstriping and Lettering since 1977 at the ripe old age of 13 years old. and have spent many days and nights since then perfecting my craft.

As a kid I lived near Don Shinn Builder of "White Lightning" a 1953 Ford Truck on the show circuit in the mid to late 70's, at that time he was building cars for other folks. I  was a curious kid with a paper route and hung out at Don's cleaning that show truck and watching custom cars being created. One summer he had his Pinstriper come up from Burbank Ca. to Oroville and stripe a 1959 Ford Retractable hardtop... In that short meeting with Ralph Stiers, the pinstriper  he showed me a few things. He even Pinstriped my model Estes rocket. He showed me how to pull a few lines on an old wooden Creeper (Don gave me that old creeper back in 2007)  he left me a can of paint and a Mack pinstriping brush.. and after that as they say... The rest is history!

I will work hand in hand with you from start to finish to ensure you will be the next happy customer to leave my shop. Even if you have no idea what you want rest assured I can come up with something to make you smile. Be sure and check out my photo galleries of past jobs and then decide if I will be doing your next project.

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My work

My work has been featured in many publications such as, Low Rider Magazine, Hot Bike, Street Low, Rod & Kulture, Auto Art magazine, Street Customs, Trucking, Street Rodder, Pontiac Enthusiast, and Easy Rider.  It has also been at times center stage at Carshows across the west coast as well as locally.

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Vinyl Signs and Lettering

I also offer Vinyl lettering and signage as an alternative to Hand painted Lettering. Commonly referred to as decals, this is a great alternative to painting especially on Leased vehicles or when needing colors which prove to have a short life span in a real world enviroment. My goal is to give the Vinyl a hand painted look and not the cookie cutter generic look and do it in a fashion that adds class to your business or service truck.Printed decals are made with the same care and repect as my hand painted lettering... Afterall, my name is associated with anything I do so I strive to get it right!

 Need labels and stickers for Machinery? Or information labels?  I can do that for you also! Look in the Gallery page for some Label samples.


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Tools of the trade

For freehand Pinstriping I use none other than Squirrel hair Peewee 800 "Sword" striping brushes made by Mack Brush Company and sold worldwide. For lettering, I prefer Squirrel hair Quills. Most of what you see in my gallery is One Shot lettering enamel although Urethanes are used as required. Pintriping is applied above the surface on most vehicles and daily drivers, Show cars tend to have the striping buried under clear coats. Please don't hesitate to email me for a quote.

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