Tools of the trade

For freehand Pinstriping I use none other than Squirrel hair Peewee 800 “Sword” striping brushes made by Mack Brush Company and sold worldwide. For lettering, I prefer Squirrel hair Quills. Most of what you see in my gallery is One Shot lettering enamel although Urethanes are used as required. Pintriping is applied above the surface on most vehicles and daily drivers.

I also offer Vinyl lettering and signage as an alternative to Hand painted Lettering. Commonly referred to as decals, this is a great alternative to painting especially on Leased vehicles or when needing colors which prove to have a short life span in a real world environment. My goal is to give the Vinyl a hand painted look and not the cookie cutter generic look and do it in a fashion that adds class to your business or service truck. Printed decals are made with the same care and respect as my hand painted lettering… After all, my name is associated with anything I do so I strive to get it right!

Need labels and stickers for Machinery? Or information labels?  I can do that for you also! Be sure and check out the photo gallery page!